Tristan Kustomizing

I never had the opportunity to have a long conversation with Tristan, but recently I had a chance to visit his shop, now called Tristan Kustomizing.

After a few minutes we found out that we shared a lot of interests besides cars & bikes, for example fitness and 90’s rap, so we talked for quite a while. In the meantime he gave me a tour of his shop. He showed me all the projects he’s currently working on, like the  ’52 Chevy, a ’51 Chevy fleetline, a ’52 Ford F6 COE and his father’s ’54 Ford Ranch Wagon.

Over the years he gathered a lot of tools and machinery and is able to handle complete builds. He’s even working on setting up a shop in Long Beach, California.

After almost 3 hours Tristan almost had to kick me out or I would still have been there. Have a look at the  photos from my visit to his shop and the so called “junkyard” behind it!


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