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El Guero kustom paint

A while ago I received an invitation from Hans van den Berghe, aka El Guero, to come and have a look at his work and shop in Belgium. I had never met him in person before, but after looking at his instagram account I was glad he invited me.

Like most people that I meet in the kustom world he’s a hard working guy with a positive attitude, making the world look a bit better by kustomizing stuff.

El Guero was probably born with oil in his blood because his father is an avid classic bike collector. His day job is working as a collision repair technician and painter for BMW. This shows his quality standard is at a very high level and is a good way to maintain it.

After going to a bit of a rough period a few years ago, he has been away from the scene for a while. Two years ago one of his best friends helped him out and got him back into the kustom scene. He did what needed to be done and now he’s having fun, painting and building choppers every weekend.

He’s living with his girlfriend, Brenda. Last summer they have been touring through Europe in their van to visit the kustom trade shows and sell products. Their future plan  is to have a shop in the city with clothing, kustom and vintage goods.

When they’re not visiting shows, they go for a Sunday ride on their Sportsters. El Guero owns a 1981 Ironhead and Brenda a converted 1200 evo in a Paugho rigid frame.

In the living room of their beautiful home, they have a separated area that is dedicated to display all kustom painted tanks, helmets and art. This makes the products stand out even more gives it that luxury appearance. It makes you want to empty your pockets and handover your cash. You’ll go home with an awesome kustom painted product.

This winter you can find him in his workshop working on his current project: A Yamaha XS650 Chopper. Check out his info here

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